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Mapping your systems

Maps are useful things to see how places or stuff is connected – or not. After a conversation with Paul Mackay of Folk Labs last year he introduced me to a freemium tool called Kumu which allows you to map relationships between things. I decided to create a Kumu map showing, at a high level, … Read more

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Rules vs good service

Rules. They’re everywhere. Are they a hindrance to “good” customer service? What does good service look like? Whilst working on the Localo project (a LocalGov Digital Makers pilot project – come to the meet up next week to find out more) where we’ve looked at creating a standard data model and API for waste service … Read more

Local Gov

A shared web platform for local government?

Following a tweet last week by LocalGov Digital I wanted to respond with my thoughts… The idea of a single platform for #localgov comes up. Again. What do you all think? http://t.co/ddglfJd4mM #localgovdigital — LocalGov Digital (@LocalGovDigital) June 5, 2014 I think there could be a number of benefits to a shared platform. For our … Read more