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Ben Cheetham · local gov digital

Going Google at work

As many of you will know, I’m a big fan of Google products - I’m on my second Nexus phone (Nexus 5X) and use G Suite (née Google Apps) for my personal email, calendar and word processing etc. I particularly love Inbox and it’s ability to snooze emails to a future date/time or when I arrive at a specific location.

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Introducing Localo – Data standards for local government

We’re all making digital services and aiming to make them so good that people prefer to carry out the transaction online rather than by phone, post or in person. Besides creating a better user experience, digital services can also help to reduce costs and release council staff to concentrate on other things such as assisted digital.

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Rules vs good service

Rules. They’re everywhere. Are they a hindrance to “good” customer service? What does good service look like?

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